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Photo by anyaberkut/iStock / Getty Images

At Sound Family Law, we understand that the court process can be complicated and representing yourself can take a lot of time, be difficult, and be confusing. This is why we work with each client to create a solution that is specific to your circumstances, whether this means we represent you for your entire case, represent you for part of your case, or help you represent yourself. 

We believe everyone should have access to representation, legal advice, and guidance through the court process. It is our mission to provide affordable, high-quality representation to clients of moderate means in their family law cases.

Each client is unique and each case is important, so we will work with you to create an approach that will help you reach the best possible solution for your family.

"I am so incredibly grateful I found Sound Family Law. If you are reading this, look no further because this firm is truly the best of the best. I went through two long years of court battles for everything--kids, house, finances, and more. Jessica represented me and not only fought for me tirelessly in brilliant fashion, she also repeatedly deflected unnecessary litigation. She has a rare gift for communication, drafting masterful documents with foresight and thorough knowledge. Jessica possesses a level of morality and integrity that, along with her cheerful and kind personality, made the whole situation I was in so much brighter. I recommend both Stacie and Jessica with wholehearted enthusiasm. Sound Family Law saved my life."

- Jennifer, Former Dissolution Client

"I was so grateful to have Stacie and Jessica by my side when I was seeking a protection order. It was a very scary and emotional time for me, and after experiencing a frustrating situation with one of the judges at the court, I knew I couldn’t do it alone or with 'just any attorney.' They educated me, they were compassionate, and they held my hand every step of the way,  but most importantly - they knew the law and anticipated the right course of action to win. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing representation."

- Stephanie, Former Protection Order Client

"Thank you so much for all of your support!!! I am so glad to have you by my side to walk me through the process not just from a professional lawyer perspective, but also to help me heal emotionally, encouraging me to take care of the emotional wounds. I also appreciated very much your discounted services and allowing payments when needed. It did not go unnoticed or was wasted on my end. This allowed me to seek the mental and emotional therapy that I desperately need to help me to move forward in a productive way. "

- Former Family Law Client